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Youth Engage Program/ YEP

Since January 2013, the ISOKO and its partners have launched an exciting new program Youth Engagement Program (YEP). The main objective of this program is to Reduce the volatility by improving the socio-economic situation of the youth. PEJ aims to include government agencies, interest groups and political parties in this process. The program will also strengthen their capacities and then be enabled  to increase and promote their participation.

Activities to be implemented under this program directly  help young entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses. In addition, they help the beneficiaries to create jobs for young people through competition of business plans, training to enhance skills in business management, mentoring and access to fundings.

The main activities of PEJ target to strengthen the capacity of partner organizations and interest groups in favor of improving the socio-economic situation of young people through training and mentoring on organizational aspects and governance. The program also aims to support the development, introduction and strengthening of youth activities that contribute specifically to increase their economic empowerment and enhance their skills in advocacy based on facts and skills to organize multi-stakeholders dialogue.

In this context, the ISOKO initiated the Reflection Group "Kazoza KARATEGURWA" which brings together young people from universities, civil society organizations and political parties to discuss and advocate for an enabling environment for their development . Hence they discuss thematic questioning their civic responsibility in the socio-political and economic life of Burundi. This program is an opportunity for young leaders and entrepreneurs who build themselves their own future.

At the end of this program, our partnership has provided significant support to local partners, stakeholders and interest in promoting youth engagement groups, critical citizenship, leadership and entrepreneurial spirit among young people.