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Workshop on engendering the New Deal for steering committee members, and NGOs Working Group membres

This training workshop objective was to:
• Build capacity organizations' Working Group on programsWomen, Peace and Security ", members of the Steering COmmittee of 1325 and the various ministries involved in the implementation of the Plan of Resolution Platform Action of Resolution 1325 on the integration of Burundi Women, Peace And Security programs in the New Deal
• Identify the challenges and opportunities associated with the implementation of the two mechanisms in Burundi
• To amend and validate the concept note of the strategy for resource mobilization / Case Study: Fund donor conference scheduled for the month of October 2014 on the financing of the "Women, Peace and Security in Burundi" programs.
• Identify the different levels of accountability and monitoring indicators of the recommendations of the workshop
The results were expected, is that at the end of the workshop:
• Participants say that they have a better understanding of the New Deal and 1325 Resolution, the relationship between the two mechanisms as well as the opportunities offered by the New Deal in the financing of 1325 Resolution
• A joint strategy between organizations of the platform "Task Force on Programs Women, Peace and Security", the members of the Steering Committee of 1325 Resolution and the various ministries involved in the implementation of the Resolution Plan Action Resolution 1325 Burundi for the preparation and facilitation of the Conference of donors Fund programs on women, peace and security is enabled.
• A technical group was established to implement the strategy and prepare for the conference of donors.